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Clarence Young – Subatomic Epidemic (Techsture’s Tape Experiment)

This is an Experimental/Tribal/Ambient/Dub version of Clarence Young‘s “Subatomic Epidemic”, released on Monism Music. SoundCloud preview below:

You can purchase this track from Beatport or iTunes.

Ninja – Rozen (Techsture Remix)

This is a Deep Tech House remix I did of Rozen‘s track “Ninja” on Evoked Recordings. SoundCloud preview below:

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Adrift At Dawn (Tx02)

Techsture – Adrift At Dawn (Tx02) (0:58:15)

Another mix recorded to cassette. I was interested to hear what happens to Ambient music when passed to tape. In this case, the tape was one side of a used C120, probably a decade old.

01: Ishq – Yu [Dakini]
02: Nikosf. – Gray Morning (Lazzich Remix) [Etoka]
03: Markus Guentner – Wenn Musik Der Liebe Nahrung Ist [Kompakt]
04: Vibrasphere – Decade [Cloud 99]
05: Arc Of Doves – Venus In Pisces [Anay]
06: Soulsonic – Alleluia [Cold Tear]
07: Jeff Scott Castle – Pale Moon In A Blue Sky
08: Brock Van Wey – Can’t Go Home Without You [Echospace [Detroit]]

MO7S – Kill Computer (Null Space Remix)

Another remix for MO7S, this time in the classic Acid style under my “Null Space” moniker. You can listen to a preview on SoundCloud below:

You can purchase this track on Beatport or iTunes.

UPDATE (10/20/2014): This track can be heard in the American Dad episode “Blonde Ambition”.


Techsture – Tx01 (0:30:03)

This mix was recorded directly to cassette. I was interested to hear the differences in recording new music onto this old medium and I’m pleased with the results. The track ordering and such is less cohesive than I prefer, but not bad for some off-the-cuff experimentation. The shortened mix length introduces some necessary differences in thinking about the progression of the tracks. I think the fact that the mix is shorter makes it more easily listenable, possibly, but I’ll have to play with different length tapes. Also worth noting that this tape was brand new… I’ll have to see how things sound using older, used cassettes as well.

01: Youandme – Mouche [Dub2dust]
02: Grit – Contours Of The Cranium [Instabil]
03: Deepchord – Vantage Isle (CV313 Reduction) [Echospace [Detroit]]
04: Ribn – Whirl Cloud [Mule Electronic]
05: Martin Nonstatic – Dub Asana (Part 2) [19th Studio]
06: Advanced Dreams – Monotone (Live)

Paul Rudder – In Love (Techsture’s “In Dub” Remix)

A remix for Paul Rudder on Evoked Recordings. You can listen to the SoundCloud preview below:

This track can be purchased from Beatport or iTunes.

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Orange Classique

Techsture – Orange Classique (1:07:53)

01: Djuma Soundsystem – Les Djinns (Trentemoller Remix) [EMI-Medley (Denmark)]
02: Chakra Blue – Stand Still (D-Lerium Original) [Breaks Collective]
03: Jon Cates – Harpo [Monism]
04: Benz & MD – Oneric (Shiloh Remix) [Aurium]
05: Powerplant Featuring Trout – Turn It Into Gold (Madoka’s Faded Memories Mix) [Deep]
06: Celldweller – Switchback (Elevation & Kenneth Thomas Mix) [Baroque]
07: Paul Hamill – Access Psycatron (Marty Goodwin Remix) [Alternative Route]
08: Katcha – Touched By God (D. Ramirez Breaks Mix) [Hooj Choons]
09: Carl Cox – Phuture 2000 (Hybrid Remix) [Moonshine]
10: Piece Process – Solar Myth (Shultz Mix) [Release]
11: Blackwatch & Greed Featuring Lesley – Gentle Rain (Greyarea’s Dismembered Breaks Mix) [Release]

Null Space – Ataris

The fourth EP release under my “Null Space” moniker. Four original tracks… SoundCloud preview below:

This release can be purchased on Beatport or iTunes.

MO7S – Ghetto Child (Techsture’s “Heart Of The City” Remix)

A remix for MO7S. You can listen to the preview on SoundCloud below:

This track can be purchased from Beatport or iTunes.